An Inspiration Display to Inspire


I spend many moments in my life scouring through magazines, catalogues, and various other inspiration that finds its way in large stacks throughout my office. Recently, I decided that I needed a way to organize these finds in a creative way. One of the blogs I follow, Oh Joy! posted a few weeks back and she showed some photos of her and her friends secured by vintage pants hangers.


*above photo by Joy from her blog oh joy!

Eureka! This is what I was looking for!  Something simple, creative, and cute.  I jumped onto ebay and found some vintage pants hangers of my very own to hang in my office.  They now hold some of the various inspiration and ideas that I need to keep forefront in my mind,  a picture of my nephew which just keeps me smiling, and the print I bought for my husband.



Where do you guys keep your inspiration? filed? stacked? on a cork board? Please tell!


In other news… I’m very flattered that Courtney (Just Another Way to Share Life…) shared the Kreativ Blogger Award with me.  The rules of the award are to share ten facts about yourself and to pass on the award.  You can see my 10 facts here!

I’m passing on the award to Sarah who writes Ezell Family.  Not only does she have wonderfully creative ideas, but the patience to carry them out along with the help of her two little ones!

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