An Inspiration Display to Inspire {Part Two}

I showed you guys my vintage wooden hangers when I posted a couple of months ago when I posted about my take on displaying information and inspiration pieces.  Then after I showed pictures of my total office redesign, I felt that the ‘organization’ area of the office was looking slightly sparse.  It needs a little something extra and something a little more user-friendly than the hangers (it is really difficult to actually hang things on those hangers).  This prompted me to use the clipboards. 

Aside from the askew one on the left, they’re so much easier to use than the hangers!  I decided to put things that are not as temporary on the hangers (photos, art) and keep my constant rotation of inspiring clips and swatches on the clipboards.

Initially I was going to do something cool to the clipboards like cover them in awesome fabric or paper, do some sort of stenciling design or painting treatment. However, when it came down to it, I just wanted something that would tie back to the hangers and not upstage them or look out-of-place. 


It sounds silly that it was actually a big decision for me to add the clipboards to the wall.  I am a sucker for simplicity and a minimalist approach so I was really afraid of cluttering up the wall.  With the addition of a little faux milk glass vessel and some dried lavender, I think the area still looks easy and natural – what do you think?

Where do you guys display your inspiration?

Have a PRODUCTIVE Tuesday!

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