grandiflora announcement 2

It’s finally here.  I’ve been both wildly thrilled and somewhat terrified for this day since the very initiation of this BIG ADVENTURE.  I’ve been speaking about it since about April and the time has finally come for me to reveal to you what’s going on behind the scenes.

I’m here today to announce Grandiflora – a home and decor line created by me and my partner (and husband), Matt, that will launch online November 4th (in just two months)!

Grandiflora is comfortably priced, home decor and entertaining pieces for the well-appointed home. The products are showcased in unique, four-time-yearly collections and they’re sold in limited quantities on our website – . Each of our designs are thoughtfully crafted and developed by us and they’re created on a large scale at some of the best facilities around the world.

grandiflora annoucement

A little background – I had this idea in the spring after creating my confetti tumblers.  They were wildly popular on pinterest and were linked to by some of the largest design blogs around the webs.  I got email after email of people asking to buy them or if I’d make sets for sale. Although I certainly don’t have the time to craft for others, I have a background in product development and manufacturing, so this sparked an idea in my mind.  I would create an assortment of my own products; designs that that are reminiscent of the style I exemplify here on House of Earnest.

So today, we are thrilled to announce Grandiflora and hope you’ll come a long with us for this exciting ride.  I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos, inspiration, thoughts, specials, and updates leading up to the November 4th launch on Instagram, on our Facebook Page, and on twitter.  So follow us, Like us, do whatever you want to do to stay in the loop. I can’t wait to show you the goods in November!

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