Back in Black with Daniel Wellington


I’ve been ears deep in Christmas this weekend, how about you?! Each Christmas, I have a decor theme.  The theme helps me to stay within some boundaries and creates a more cohesive look throughout the house.  In the last five years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve talked about my ‘themes’ every single year.  This year, I’m breaking tradition (a little bit) and just maintaining the majority of last years’ theme of black and white.  The only difference is… wait for it… I’m adding just a touch of red.  Watch out guys. I’m really stepping out.

I’m doing this for a few reasons.  Last year was black and white, and I just really really loved it.  When Christmas was over, I was sad to take it down.  I loved the cozy, but also streamlined appeal of the black.  Black is also a little edgy and unexpected as a Christmas decor color.

As I’m decorating today and keeping a close eye on my watch for the baby’s schedule, I’m realizing that the edgy appeal of black isn’t just making an appearance in my home, but also in my wardrobe.  Do you guys find that whatever style you’re loving in your home is translated to your wardrobe?  Currently, it’s this sleek black look for me.  I bought a pair of patent leather loafers that I’ve been wearing on repeat as well.



I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of our decor as it gets put up throughout this week.

If you’ve loving the black as much as I am, I have another treat for you too!  I did three ornament DIYs last year that I am still loving this year.  You can get the DIY HERE

AND if you’ve loving the Daniel Wellington Classic Black watch as much as I am, treat yourself or someone you love to a watch with a discount on me! Use the code ERINSOUDER to get 15% off any watch throughout this holiday season.  The code expires Jan 30th, 2017.

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