Beauty & Strength: Google Wifi


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Google Wifi, but all experiences and opinions are my own.

Earlier this year when we redecorated our living room and dining room, I had a bit of an issue.  Our Wi-Fi router is heinously ugly.  I remember the night before my baby shower this summer.  I had a bunch of out-of-town guests, I had just finished the redecorating and styling of all my shelving, and every time I walked into the dining room, that ugly blue router (you know the one) was staring me right in the face. I tried putting things in front of it, on top of it, or hiding it in the cabinet, but that made the signal terrible.  Matt didn’t understand my issue, but I was super irritated.

Aside from the esthetics, our router’s signal barely reached my office.  There have been moments in the past few years during which I got so irritated with signal issues that I would freak out on my resident IT man (that’s Matt).



Then, just a few weeks ago, I found the solution.  Google asked me to test drive Google Wifi, which is not only sleek and subtle, but uses multiple points throughout the house so that the signal is strong everywhere. Even Matt, who works in the technology field, is impressed.  We tested it the only way we know how – Matt streaming video in the living room while Maeve and I facetimed with family.  Normally, this would have made for a choppy experience for both of us, but that wasn’t the case.



Recipes in the kitchen, stories and music in the nursery, streaming video in the living room… we’re enjoying it.  Matt loves playing with Google Wifi and getting great signal strength through the house.  I love styling my shelves with technology that isn’t ugly.

I feel a little embarrassed that as someone who runs a business from home, I was dealing with such subpar Wi-Fi.  What do you guys have? Does it work for you?



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