Bedside Sconce DIY

bedside table lighting DIY

Wow, has it only been two days?  I told you on Monday that I had a lamp re-work in the cards and now it’s done!  If you’ll notice from Monday’s post, both of my bedside lamps were two different colors. I had contemplated painting them both white, then swung back to painting them chrome, knowing that if I tried to make one look like the other, it just never really would.

I love the Tom Dixon pendants with black shell and shiny gold lining, so I thought the bed way to have both lamps look the same was to paint them completely different colors then the original…matte black.

diy sconces gold foil matte black sconces

I could have painted the interior gold with paint, but I wanted them to have the luminescent glow that only foil can achieve. Now, I hate working with gold foil.  Foil is a pain in the ass, I will avoid it at all cost.  But here, for whatever reason, I felt like it was completely necessary. I’m happy I ended up going for it even though I was cursing it the entire time. Just look how it glows!

If you’ve worked with foil before, you’ll know how you get crazy cracks and empty spaces, so I have a solution for that! I’ll show you how I completed this project and my little gold foil trick after the jump! 

bedroom sconces

bedroom sconce diy

First, I painted the exteriors matte black.  If you have trouble getting a totally even coat during spray painting, you might have a heavy hand on the paint.  Try backing away and just lightly spritzing the surface, then go back over it with a few coats.  Next, and this is the big secret… I do spray paint the foil surface gold – before the foil.

bedside lamp diy gold foil sconces

After the surface is coated with gold, I go back and foil over top of it.  This ensure that the little cracks and holes in the foil won’t be such an eyesore, yet you still get the glow and texture that only foil can add. Double score.

DIY bedroom sconces

After they were done being painted, I hung them from the wall instead of setting them back on the bedside tables.  With such small side tables, I wanted to clear up space for a carafe of water and flowers while still leaving enough room for a visitors cell phone.

It’s obvious that the abstract painting is also gone… Once I got the sconces up, I didn’t like how they looked with the painting, so I decided to move further toward my (more neutral) end goal and swap the painting out for a whitewash starburst mirror WHICH just happens to be a Grandiflora Fall 14 item!!!  Do you love it?  I do!

I hope you’re inspired by this simple little DIY.  It’s miraculous what you can do with a little spray paint!

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