Before and After: Stainless Steel Your Appliances

We were a little reluctant to buy a new dishwasher when our current one works great.  Instead of living with a white facade, when the rest of our appliances are stainless, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I bought stainless steel ‘look’ contact paper from Micheals and recovered the existing dishwasher.

At $6.99 this roll of paper was super cheap and I figured, if it didn’t work – I would get some goo-gone and take away the evidence.  Luckily, with some patience and a steady hand, we ended up with this:

Hurray! I was really happy with the way it ended up.  It cost me 7.00 and 30 minutes of my time.  Totally worth it.

Have you ever tried to recover an appliance?  How did it go?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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