Before the Before


I realized during all my time driving this weekend around the mid-southeast that I may have jumped the gun on the kitchen photos.  We have been renovating our house for about a year now and didn’t really show the true ‘before’ photos.

A little background… This house is a 110-120 year old farm house that was built by my husband’s great-great grandfather.  It was a rental property for a long time before he moved in 4 years ago, and then it was my husband’s bachelor pad for a few years.  Just three years ago, I moved in and my husband and I began renovating and remodeling what we could. Our goal was to bring the kitchen back from 80’s rental reno to an early 1900s inspired chic modern space.

Those of you who live in an old house would know; they are a blessing and a curse.  Windows and doors aren’t level (shoot – floors and ceilings aren’t even level), they never look clean even when they’re spotless, things break everyday, and they are constantly a work in progress.  But on the other hand, these houses feel like homes – with so much history and character.

*In the above ‘before’ photo, the cabinets were a light, honey oak, the floor was peel n stick linoleum tiles, countertops old formica, and appliances just plain old.

*In the above ‘after’ photo, cabinets are painted ‘cottage black’ from Behr, floors are Jacobean Walnut stained pine, walls are “green tea ice cream” (color was my creation, but mixed by the wonderful people at Home Depot).


Have a wonderful Monday!  I am off to get ready for work and start my countdown to Hawaii!  Two weeks from today I’ll be waking up on the Big Island!

P.S.  I put the final coat of ‘dip’ on my dip dye table last night!  It looks real cute and could be ready for its close-up as soon as Wednesday!

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