Beginner Blooms: Lesson Three

beginner blooms - tulips 4

It’s the third installment of beginner blooms and I’m excited to be branching (haha) into some more floral type varieties.  Similar to the first and second lesson, I choose a (very easy to arrange in) teardrop shaped vessel.  Tulips are so perfect for spring, and arranging them to look like a big, substantial arrangement is the key!

beginner blooms - tulips1

beginner blooms - tulip diptych

tulip workflow

We have the same beginning steps that we did in the first two lessons.  ONE measure your blooms and cut them one and a half to two times the height of your vase.  TWO Clear off all of the lower leaves that would fall below the neck of the vase (this will enable you to fit in more stems and make the arrangement look clean and professional). THREE cut at an angle with a sharp knife.

From there, things are new with a more flexible and pliable flower.   Keep reading for the full photos of step by step arranging!


You’re going to start out similar to how we did with the lilies and criss cross your first two stems.  Add a third, and forth, and a fifth in the same fashion to form a star shape.



Start filling in the five little triangles against the edge of the vase neck with five more stems to sit in a layer above the previous five flowers.  Poke five more blooms down vertically to fill in the top of the arrangement, ensuring that one dominant bloom sticks straight up and the other four fall around, filling in the gap between the second layer and the vertical center flower.


Once all of your flowers are in, you’ll be able to play with the position to fill in gaps, make the arrangement symmetrical, and even out the height of each stem (which should be consistent throughout for this type of arrangement). Adjust the stems in and out getting them into a good position that is rounded and even.  At the very end, add water slowly so that you’re not flinging water everywhere during all of the rearranging.

Lastly, shove a penny in the bottom of your vase – this makes the tulips stand up and not drape too much.

tulip symmetry

beginner blooms - tulips2

If the first try doesn’t go great, take them all out and try again.  It’s true what they say – Practice makes perfect!

Have a FAB Thursday!






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