Beginner Blooms: Lesson Two

beginner blooms 1

Here we are with the second in a spring series of flower arranging.  We started just two weeks ago with flowering branches, and will progress today to a flower that is similar to arrange, but offers a couple of extra considerations that will help build a good foundation.

Lilies are similar to branches in that they’re a sturdy, straight stem with multiple branching flowers on each stem.  You don’t need too many stems to make an impactful bouquet, which is great for beginners to play with shape and design.  Start with four stems for this arrangement.  Similar to last week, we’re using a vase that is wider at the bottom, with a smaller opening.  This sphere is a little more difficult to use than the carafe we used in the branches.

beginner blooms lilies 2

beginner blooms workflow - lilies

ONE remember what we learned last week.  Stems should be around 1.5 to 2 times the height of the vase (or width if that is greater).  For these lilies, I started on the longer side and thought they were too spread out and didn’t consume the space well, so I went back and trimmed them down to 1.5.  TWO remove all leaves that will fall below the neck of the case.  This will keep bacteria from growing in your water. THREE using a sharp knife, cut away from your body in one swift motion.  Using scissors on floral stems crushes the plant cells and inhibits the flower from getting enough water.  A knife cut helps the flower live longer by helping it get more water. FOUR arrange like you did with the branches, first in an ‘X’ then go back and make an ‘X’ in the alternate direction.

beginner blooms lilies 3

beginner blooms lilies 1

Look at your arrangement from all angles.  The flowers should be even distance from the center of the arrangement from side to side and to the top.  Make sure that a primary bloom sticks straight up and creates a gradual dome shape to the side flowers.  You don’t want all of the blooms to fall to the sides, creating a hole in the center.

Try it a few times, I might take some trial an error on the lengths of the stems and positioning the flowers, but since you’re only working with four stems, it’s a good place to start practicing!

Let me know how it goes!

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