Beginner Blooms: The Market Bunch

market bunch before and after

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!  The step by step tutorial that will take your market bunch of flowers from ho-hum to perfection!

From the very first day I started the spring series, beginner blooms, I know you guys were waiting for the day we could arrange a whole case full of varying blooms to create a striking arrangement out of the regular bunches that you buy in your grocery store.

There is a secret that you haven’t known about all of these years, that makes this so easy to conquer.

market bunch how to

market bundle how-to

You’ll notice that this is a different type of vase than we have been working with, for the vases that start narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, this is definitely a trick you’ll want to employ.

First, There are some important things to remember when you’re purchasing flowers.  Make sure to get a bouquet that has 2-3 main types of flowers, one filler, and greenery.  Single flower arrangements are much more difficult without smaller blooms and greenery for all of the in-between area.

Second, Remember the first couple rules we learned at the very beginning!  Cut your stems to 1.5 times the height of your vase, remove all of the lower leaves, and ensure that the stems are all going toward the same imaginary center point.

market bunch 1

I did this in these little candlestick flowers, but here is the trick to a full and round looking arrangement – make a grid of tape on the top of the vase.  I cut one piece of regular scotch tape in half length-wise. Then, create a foundation using your greenery, and using only the outer holes in your grid.

market bunch 2

market bunch 3

Next, use whichever flower would be your focal flower.  The tiger lilies are the largest and most dominant, so I chose those.  Make sure that each dominant flower stem is placed equidistant with one sticking straight up to begin creating the overall shape. Once you have an outline for your shape and size created with the dominant flower, start adding in your secondary flowers (mine here are mums and daisies).

Try to make sure all of the secondary flowers are sticking out of the vase about the same amount, and that some stick more perpendicular to the vase, extending over the edge of the vase.

market bunch 4

market bunch 5

Once all of your secondary flowers are in, go back through and fill in any blank spots with a filler flower.  This is usually something that is sort of a flower, sort of a green.

Last, add in just a couple touches of greenery in the top of the arrangement.

market bunch 6

how to arrange a market bundle

Ta-da! It’s as easy as that.

Give me your thoughts! Will you give it a try?

Have a BEAUTIFUL Thursday!


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