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Happy Tuesday guys!  It’s going to be a busy week over here, and I wanted to share with you guys exactly why! As many of you know, I have my own shop called Grandiflora Home + Decor and the newest collection is launching so so soon! Over the last 8 months, I’ve been designing the new collection, working back and forth with my factories, and tweaking, narrowing, and perfecting each product. Most of the product is ready to ship to my warehouse, and as I’m working really hard on getting some loose ends tied up, I wanted to give you some ‘behind the scenes’ of this part in the process! Aaaannd, here a few glimpses of the product (exciting!!!)

With the Fall 2014 collection launching on Tuesday, Sept 2nd (SO SOON) we’re about a month out which means we’re busy working on the photo shoot!  I love working on photo shoots, and it’s even more rewarding when it’s my product.  I work with an amazing photographer, Allie, which makes it even more fun.

Before I can meet with the photographer, however, I have to plan my shots. This is one of my favorite things to do, so I took a few pics of the process to share.  I drag out samples of all of my product and sit it in front of me.  Then I flip through catalogs, web inspiration, and style magazines to find shots I love that I could emulate using my own product.  If I really want to highlight a bench, then I’ll tear bench photos and get a good idea of how to best showcase it.  The same goes with tabletop and wall decor.  I try to find photo inspiration that incorporates as many of the types of products that I have in my line.

Then, I draw my shot vision.  Now, I’m a terrible sketcher, but I think it’s really one of the only ways to communicate what I want to the photographer, so I draw… no matter how terrible.

grandiflora home + decor photoshoot design

Grandiflora Home + Decor Fall 2014

grandiflora home + decor photoshoot design 2

After drawing out the shots I want to get, I make a list of everything incorporated in the shots that isn’t one of my products – the props.  Usually this is a large piece of furniture (since I don’t design larger furniture) or something for styling like fruit, flowers, or everyday knick knacks.

With the props and my own products accounted for, now I need to consider logistics.  I need to be sure I have hooks and hammers for hanging wall art and mirrors.  I need to have sticky tack and gaffers tape for fixing items in a certain position, and I need to have the right backdrop or flooring.  All of these things go into a giant list and I get to go out and source them.

Armed with my list of props and tools, I shop.  Shopping for these props is pretty fun, but is difficult because after making my shot sketches, I have a very very specific mindset about what the shot needs.  You know how frustrating it can be shopping for something that you already have in mind, right? Right.


grandiflora home + decor photoshoot design5

After my prop shopping, I’m ready to shoot!  Not only to I have all of my samples, but I have props, tools, and a list of exactly which shot everything is used for.  This makes it a breeze when the photographer comes in and reduces the amount of hesitation during the shoot.

Since the launch last November, I don’t blog a ton about Grandiflora, but I want that to change.  I was SO worried that you guys would see it as plugging myself and get turned off, but this brand is my work and my passion and I work hard to design all of the pieces.  It takes up a considerable amount of time, and is a wonderfully cool creative process which is why I’ve decided to start this little column “Behind the Design” with updates on how product creation happens.  Are you excited? I sure hope so!

I’ll document the photo shoot (scheduled for next week!) and share with you guys soon!


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