Behind the Scenes in the Studio


Wow, has it been busy around here!  My spring line is getting ready to launch in just a couple of weeks and I’ve been working behind the scenes on some photography and styling.  Earlier this year, however, we were working on prototypes for my designs here on the farm to get a good idea of how they would come together and how to communicate the details I wanted.

A few of our new items are wood based – a serving tray with marble inlay, a set of glass canisters with wooden lids, and some cake stands made also of wood and marble (get excited). So me and Matt went to work sketching, experimenting, and developing what would be the best prototype that we ourselves could create in order to adequately tell the makers what we needed. I wanted to share a few snapshots of that process.

Since we don’t have all of the proper tools yet (it’s a future goal) this one prototype was actually split between 3 different workshops… Matt cut the rough shapes & outlines, a neighbor who has a router dug out the channel you see in the serving board, and in my studio I cut the marble, sanded all edges, and put on the ‘finishing’ touches. They’re not perfect, but the purpose of the prototypes aren’t to make perfect samples, it’s to figure out the variables before asking a factory to reproduce them.  I felt confident that I could send these things to a workroom and they wouldn’t have any question as to what I wanted.





canister proto

So this is a tiny peek at just two of the new styles coming to the shop, but we’ll have a few more to showcase on Monday when we give you a preview of the new items!

Happy hump day friends!

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