Better Handwriting in Three Steps

improve your handwriting

When it comes to living in this digital age, handwriting is stressed less and less, but to me, I still think of it as  a vital importance to master.  I remember being very young and wanting so badly to know how to write in cursive.  I’d pluck little notes or reminders from my moms desk and use them as guides, trying so hard to write so neatly. I like to think that you can tell a lot about a person by their handwriting. My husband’s handwriting is small and precise, like he’s deep in concentration and purpose. My mother-in-law’s handwriting is large and full of flourishes.  It’s got loads of personality and flair – just like her. My mother writes in neat consistent half cursive half print – it’s clean and young at heart.

Despite what handwriting you’ve developed over the years, however, you can improve.  It might just be a better version of your current hand, or it could change completely if you’d like it to. Here are three simple steps to improving your writing for the better.

three steps to better handwriting

With these three easy steps you can be confident to write someone a card, pass someone a hand-written recipe, or just sign your name on a check – all while letting your personality shine through in the process!


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