Beyond Gorgeous Dutch Home Tour


I don’t think I’ve ever talked with you guys before about my love for the Netherlands.  I love the Netherlands… Amsterdam, specifically.  I’ve been three times and could go back each year.  At one point I was searching for jobs there and still would be open to a move there if the opportunity presented itself. When I came across the absolutely gorgeous home of Danielle de Lange located outside of Amsterdam, it really pushed me over the edge.  Regardless of location, I would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful home.  This one checks off ALL the boxes for me… White? Check. Rustic? Check. Global? Check. Feminine, Minimal, and Natural? Check, check, check.

I can’t say enough about this place and all of the stunning touches.  It’s clear that Danielle has fabulous taste which also in showcased in her shop, Le Souk. Let’s dive into all of the details. 




I love that the living room seems to be just the right size to engage and interact with the family.  It isn’t giant, but it has plenty of room to move around because of the well placed furniture.  Everything is serene, down-to-earth, and livable.  Just the way I like it.

The kitchen has all of the same qualities.  It’s just a simple linear layout with an island, but the decor and attention to detail make it such an integrated part of the room.  I could totally envision entertaining here… could you?

style-files-kitchen-1 style-files-kitchen-4 style-files-kitchen-3 the-style-files-bedroom-1

The bedroom….ah the bedroom!  It’s so simple, but so perfect!  It just makes me want to throw out all of my clutter and start over.

the-style-files-bedroom-3 home-tour-the-style-files-bathroom-2 home-tour-the-style-files-bathroom1 ourgarden-1

I mean, even the exterior is my dream!  I love the dark gray/black color and the contrast with the white trim.  It creates a very minimal rustic vibe that I can’t get enough of.  All in all, Danielle’s home has everything someone would need.  It is simple, but cozy and inviting.  I think I’ll use every single room in this home as inspiration for our future build. Unless, of course, we move to Amsterdam!

All photos from The Style Files


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p.p.s. Apologies for all of the exclamation marks… this is just a really wonderful home.

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