Birch Cottage Christmas Ornament

mini gingerbread house ornaments

What is it about all things mini that makes me get all excited?  I love mini anything!  I was inspired the other day by the adorable mini house luminaries

I saw on Remodelaholic and thought… “I want mini houses in my house”.  It was a deep thought, I know.

So, I had these birch sheets that I’d purchased from a local nursery (the tree kind, not the kid kind) and although I was planning to make ornaments with them to share with you guys, the luminary idea sparked in me the desire to make mini house ornaments.


birch christmas ornament

The mini birch houses are way more practical than the typical gingerbread, and still have all the charm.  I made a few for our tree (to be revealed on Monday!) and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Since the birch sheets can be cut with scissors, it’s really the only ‘special’ thing you need.  I used a hot glue gun to bind it all together and a little piece of twine with which to hang it! On to the Step-by-Step! 

measure birch sheets

ONE Measure and cut out seven squares of birch.  TWO take one of the squares and cut it diagonally in both directions, yielding 4 small triangles.

make the cut

birch gingerbread house ornaments

THREE start by glueing four squares of birch together to form a box. FOUR glue two of the triangles onto the top of the box to form the eaves of the house.  FIVE use your two remaining squares to form the roof, sandwiching a piece of twine between the top seam.

mini gingerbread house christmas ornament

It takes no time at all and turns out so darling!  This would be an adorable project to do over the week of Christmas with the family.  Then, the kids can decorate them with glitter or what-have-you.

I love that it’s a fun activity that isn’t edible and can be brought out and hung from the tree year to year.

Have fun with this one!  There are so many ways to customize if you’d like, so get creative!



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