Black and White Graphic Easter Eggs

black and white graphic easter eggs

I usually don’t decorate Easter eggs, but for whatever reason, this year I got the itch to have some small touches of easter around the house.  You all know me well, I am not a colorful person, so after going to the store to buy an egg dying kit, I ended up scraping the entire thing and just drawing directly on some hollowed out eggs with a marker.  It was surprisingly cathartic to just sit and doodle on an egg, I recommend it!  At first, I was going to go in with a gold sharpie after the black, but I decided to stop there because I liked how graphic they looked in simple black and white.  It took a little more brain power than the dunking would have, but it wasn’t messy, and I could be as creative as I wanted.  There was just one thing that contributed to making this an easy and enjoyable project.




First, I wouldn’t use a sharpie on a hardboiled egg as the ink may seep through the shell.  I hollowed out the eggs using the old prick & blow method (sounds a lot dirtier than it is… actually on second thought, the entire thing was a little dirty looking…) Anyway, it is much easier to hollow out an egg than I had anticipated.  I used a thumb tack to make two holes, one on both ends of the egg.  I made the hole on the more rounded end just a bit bigger by chipping away lightly at the edges of the hole.  Then, I stuck an opened up paperclip inside of the egg to puncture the sack and the yolk.  After that, I just blew on the smaller (pointed end) hole and the insides came right out. Keep those and make a lemon cheesecake… Recipe coming later this week.


After doing the first egg (the geometric pyramid-esque) one with out a guide, I decided to use a pencil for the second too.  It definitely make it easy to create a cohesive design that matched front to back. The pencil erases off quite easy once the ink is dry on the shell.





I embarked upon this project just as a silly little project to do on a cold Sunday, but ended up being pretty obsessed with how the Easter eggs turned out!  I would love to have an entire bowlful of them as a centerpiece in my new wooden pedestal dish, so I might just keep on going this morning.  The reason I choose this morning is so that I can make an omelet out of the spoils. I wouldn’t want a perfectly good egg to go to waste.

Have fun with this one guys, and tag me on Instagram if you make one!  Use the hashtag #earnesteaster

I hope your week is filled with the rumblings of spring and easter!


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