Blank Slate: Planning a Gallery Wall

galley wall behind tv

I have the best news today!  Finally, FINALLY, we got our carpet installed!  We worked all weekend to try and get things back to normal around the house, but still have a long way to go.  I made the trek to Ikea this weekend to get the TV stand that I eventually chose from the host of ‘non-ugly media stands‘ I’d posted a while back. I loved the West Elm version, but we wanted something that had a little less  obvious mid century style, since the majority of our house isn’t MCM.  Both this knowledge (and the 1200 price difference) led to to the Ikea purchase. I also bought a dresser that I’ll be ‘hacking’ for the baby’s room, so get ready for that!

Anyway, back to the living room.  With all of the big furniture moved back into place, I’m now working on some of the finer details. First up, a little art for the TV wall in the living room.  I love photos online of a gallery wall carefully curated behind the TV, kind of masking it’s existence.  If you know me well, you’ll know that I don’t love the TV and rarely watch it if I have my choice. In my mind, having a big TV is more of a guy thing, while I could care less.

Wanting to drum up some interest on the wall and wanting to camouflage the television, I’ve decided to do a gallery wall behind the TV.  I have picked some of my favorite pieces to start with (since I always think that gallery walls are a work in progress.

art fo living oom

braid print by elizabeth mayvillewatercolor print celine printablesstay awhile by visual pixiehorse print by lila and lolacactus print by polly rowanfern print by elizabeth mayville 

galley wall behind tv mock up

I mocked up this little image and think that I like the direction so far, although I might also try my hand at a DIY painting as well! We’ll see how my week pans out and if I have time to get it done.

Although I love all of these prints for somewhere in the living room/dining room I’ll have to play with how they’re arranged, so next week, I’ll be back with the actual framed pieces to share how it comes together in real life!

Have a great week, friends!

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