Books We’re Reading to Get Ready for Baby

baby books

We just hit the six-month mark yesterday and aside from working everyday in the house to finally get this flooring issue fixed, I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading.  I typically read about two books each month anyway, but from now until the end of this pregnancy, I’m doing one book for pleasure (you can see my reading list here) and one book to hopefully help me get as ready as I can for this babe.  I’m already halfway through this list, but will give you all some updates on how they actually work for me post-baby.

First, Bringing up Bébé was a fun read.  It’s more of a memoire of the author’s experience of parenthood in Paris than an actual guide book, but there are tons of great little nuggets of advice.  I was particularly interested in the concepts of why French children tend to eat ‘real’ food as opposed to what the author calls the kid “mono-diet”.  I was also excited to read some insight as to why French kids apparently sleep through the night at 3 months.  Although certainly very one-sided, the information is interesting and it reads quickly.  Fair warning, you’ll be super jealous that the US doesn’t have the daycare system that France does.

Brain Rules for Baby – This book is fairly intense and scientific, but is super interesting when it comes to things that you can and can’t impact when it comes to the mental development of your child.  So basically what things are nature vs nurture.  The book shares how to gauge and cultivate intelligence as well.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child – I haven’t begun this one yet, but have heard great things from friends and relatives.  The author, Dr. Marc Weissbluth is known for his ‘cry it out’ sleep training method, but I’m interested in the early weeks and how to gently guide a baby into healthy sleep habits before we get to the stage where taking a firm CIO stance is necessary.

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer – This book hinges on understanding how and what your baby is trying to communicate to you so that you can tell the difference between hungry, tired, upset, or what-have-you.  The author also discusses how to discover the temperament of your baby so that you can parent accordingly. I’m interested to hear what she has to say!

Baby Wise – Another book about sleep… can you see that this is something I’m focusing on? I’ve heard great things and although I haven’t personally read it yet, A few friends have said it’s worked very well for them.

The Happiest Baby on the Block – Matt watched a YouTube video by this author and was mind-blown.  I looked into him and realized that he’d written a book and that it’s received good reviews.  I read that there is also a video version of this book available on Netflix, so we’ll probably watch this one!

Any of these that you’ve read? Do you have any feedback?


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