Breathe it all in

breath it all in

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Spring has officially sprung and I am wasting no time to embrace it.  Flowers in every room?  Check.  Open windows? Check. Spring Cleaning? Semi Check!

I wrote last year about de-wintering vs actual spring cleaning and that mindset is still very helpful in the way I go about preparing for the big clean.  During the winter, dust, smells, who knows what else accumulate in our homes and as soon as it’s warm enough to get the air circulating, I jump at the chance for a clean start.

This year, Caldrea and I were working on a great way to share their new spring line with you, and I thought about addressing the smells in our homes, what we can do about correcting them, and my selections for scent pairings!  I have narrowed some stinky areas down to four: stale closet smell, inky kitchen sink smell, the bathroom ‘you-know-what’ smell, and the mildew towel smell.  All my least favorite smells. Actually, the mildew towel smell is the bottom of the barrel for me, there is just nothing worse than getting out of a shower to wipe your face with a mildew towel.

So now, I’m tackling each smell, what to do about it, and how Caldrea can help.  Are you ready?

smelly closet solves

Stale Closet
Scent pairing: Rosewater Driftwood

I’m so so bad at the stale closet smell.  I swear it comes from the dry cleaner… I clean my delicate blouses regularly, so why do they all still smell so… off? It has to do with the way our body oils mix with the synthetics in the fabric and then mix with the chemicals in the dry cleaning fluid, gross, right? I’ve literally found that a mixture of sachets and soft scented linen spray is the best mode of operation.

We have three more to go! 

smelly sink solution

Icky Sink Smell
Scent pairing: Mandarin Vetiver

We don’t have a garbage disposal, but we do have septic and hard water, two strikes against the smells that come out of my sink. I learned the baking soda trick from Amy and use it every other month or so.  It’s so much better for pipes than other drain clearing stuff.  The downside, a super vinegary smell.  The solution? A nice citrus candle. done.

smelly toilet solution

“You-know-what” Smell
Scent pairing: Coriander Lime

I literally just learned last year that the sulfur in matches eliminates the toilet smell from the bathroom.  But what about when the smell of a match is in the restroom… see the issue?  This is why I light a nice candle, leaving the matches nearby whenever we have house guests. Match smell? Natural when there’s a candle lit.

mildew towels

Towel Mildew Smell
Scent pairing: Lavender Pine

This is my favorite (or least favorite).  I have a bad, bad habit of forgetting about my laundry that is in the washer.  There have been times that I have to re-wash a load because I don’t move it to the dryer quick enough and there is a faint hint of mildew smell.  So, after I re-wash, I stick a dryer sheet in between every few towels while in the linen closet.  Then, they’re totally fresh each time you break out a new one. It’s the best.

Out of all of these nasty spring cleaning smells, which one bugs you the most?  Or do you have another?



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