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In preparing for a new year (and having some time off work), I spent a little time sprucing up my home workspace. I cleaned and organized, putting away my Christmas gifts and straightening the pile of clothes and accessories that inevitably make their way strewn across my (half upholstered) antique settee.

In putting a few pretty patterned woven scarves away, I came across this yellow feeder stripe scarf from J Crew that used to never leave my neck.  I decided that it would be the perfect accent to adorn the white curtains against the white walls and trim of my office.

It’s simple, but beautiful.  The opposite window is tied in the same fashion with a different striped scarf in navy. If you like the look, but would want to use the same color/pattern, consider purchasing a couple matching styles from a cheap online site where scarves are sold for around $5.

For a plain, neutral space, using scarves definitely gives a blustery winter window brighter outlook.

Have a BRIGHT Tuesday!


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