Broaden Your Horizons – With a Giant Mirror!

William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape traditional dining room


Mirrors have long been used to make rooms feel larger, but in most cases I just associate full wall mirrors with beach condos and HGTV real estate programs.  Living in a home with smaller rooms, I can certainly appreciate the instant airiness that comes with a strategically placed mirror.

Instead of your mind racing directly to visions of a paneled floor-to-ceiling mirrored monstrosity circa 1979, take a hint from some of these design solutions using HUGE mirrors! Isn’t the dining room above AMAZING?! The antiquing on the mirror and the chevron floor just do it for me…


eclectic living room design by toronto interior designer Mark Dodge Design

Beautiful combination of modern and vintage.  The soaring windows don’t hurt either!

Michigan farmhouse eclectic dining room

eclectic dining room design by chicago kitchen and bath Rebekah Zaveloff

The floor mirror above is done in a more rustic farmhouse setting.  Mirrors are great in dining rooms for playing with the light, creating a perfect dinner ambiance

Cary Bernstein Architect Choy 2 Residence modern living room

modern living room design by san francisco architect Cary Bernstein Architect

I love how clean and angular this mirror appears with the skinnier frame and square shape.


I am usually not the biggest fan of mirrors above headboards.  But this one gives a perfect art decoish feeling with the soft orange pops and sleek side table and lamp.
Which one is your favorite? Where would you place a huge mirror in your own house? Let me know your favorite creative use for mirrors in the comments section!
Have a good Wednesday everyone!
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