Brooklyn Apartment First Peek: Maeve’s Room

Today, we move onto the next room in our Brooklyn apartment tour.  These ‘first peeks’ are to show you all where we were upon moving in and what we were working with.  I do intend to do much more to the rooms and Maeve’s bedroom is one of the main spaces I intend to spice up more.  It’s pretty sparse!

The room itself is a really wonderful size.  There is enough room for her stuff and for her to also play in there.  That may sound like a strange statement, but some bedrooms I saw were barely large enough for a crib and a changing table.

I brought a few pieces from her Ohio bedroom – the rug, the drapes, the glider, and the footstool.  Everything else is new.  We bought a new crib so that we could still travel back home and have a bed for her in her old room.  The new crib is a cheap one from Ikea, but it’s actually been really amazing.

An ottoman in the corner of her room was a new purchase as well.  It was originally in the living room, but when I put up the christmas tree, I relocated it to Maeve’s room.  Now, it’s where she sits when she’s in time out, so I guess it’s staying in there. The ottoman unfolds into a twin bed, which is nice for the solo guest.

I bought the same cheap blackout blinds here that I did in the master and here they’ve also been wonderful.  I would really prefer a natural grass shade, but this works for the time being.

I also bought the same dresser (but the wider version) as in her Ohio bedroom.  I intend still to paint it white and get some cool pulls.  Right now, however, she can’t open the drawers, so I’ll leave it that way!

I also notice that there is a plastic play orange peeking out from under the dresser!

The room has been wonderful.  I am typically not a fan of carpet, but after all of our new plush carpet in the Ohio house, I am missing it a little here.  It’s nice to be able to lay, wrestle, and roll around on the floor without bonking a head.

In this room, I plan to add a little more eclectic color and some wall art.  I’ll keep you in the loop as I make those decisions and show you where my head’s at!

Have a great week!  Come by again next week for the last post on the house tour – the kitchen and bath.


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