Brooklyn Apartment First Peek: The Living Room

Last week, I showed you the photos of our apartment in Brooklyn before we moved in, and today I’m going to start showing what the place looked like after we moved in some of our stuff.  I’ll go room by room each week for the next few weeks so that we can talk in depth about what I still want to do to each room. Today, let’s start with the main living space.

One of the things that I loved about this apartment was the entry nook.  There is plenty of space to take off shoes, keep the stroller, and buffer comings and goings from the living room.  I took my bar cabinet from our bar room at the farmhouse for the entry way.  It still houses our glassware and wine, but now we also use it for our keys and lighting the entry. A foil dipped stool makes the perfect perch for putting on shoes.  I also took the black and white rug from our farmhouse entry and used it here as well.  It was the perfect size.

The entry leads right into the living area, but I wanted to separate the space, so I backed the couch up against the entry to create a little (ha, everything’s little) hallway leading from the entry to the kitchen.

The sofa is the only new thing in this space.  We brought our moroccan rug, the coffee table is actually stolen from our patio back in Ohio and the lamps, media console, and everything else in this space we moved here.

You guys know me.  I’m not super adventurous when it comes to color, but I knew that moving to a new place was an opportunity to try something new.  And an emerald green sofa was it. I bought the sofa at Ikea, so it wasn’t a huge splurge, but it was still enough to think about.

After moving it in, I knew the sofa was a good choice.  I love it.  In fact,  it inspires me to get a better version for my forever home (whenever that is).

There are still several things I want to do to this space. We don’t have a dining room table (or a dining room) but I’m looking for a drop leaf table to snug behind the couch so that we can pull it out and have a nice spot for meals in the future. I also want to get a corner chair for the living room which is the right height to scoot over to the future table. Also, art on the walls.  Currently, there is one piece of art in the whole apartment and it’s there because I accidentally put a hole in a wall and just stuck a picture over it. oops.

Hopefully, I can get a photo from the other vantage in the future which shows the media area and two giant windows, but I wasn’t able to for today.

For now, how do you like it? What you thought?

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