Brooklyn Apartment First Peek: The Master Bedroom

I’m back for another apartment first look.  Two weeks ago, I shared the living room and entry area of our Brooklyn abode and now we’re moving to the master bedroom.  If you missed the first two posts about this apartment, you can go back to the first post detailing the layout here or see the living room and entry here.

The master had to serve as both our bedroom and as Matt’s office since he is now working from home.  Most of the bedrooms I saw on my hunt could barely function as a bedroom.  Some didn’t have room for more than just a full-sized bed with no other furniture, not to mention closets or room for a desk.  When I saw this place, I was eyeing up the amount of space to accommodate our needs and and the bedroom space is a big part of what made this apartment our choice.

The only downside of this bedroom is the small closet.  The larger closet is in Maeve’s room, but that room is also much smaller and wouldn’t fit Matt’s workspace. Since there was just one teeny closet, we have to depend on dressers for a lot of our clothes.  But that’s ok!  The dressers were part of my workspace scheme!

The first of three dressers I use as a bedside table.  It’s my vanity and houses all of my makeup, hair curling and straightening devices, nail polish, and various other toiletries.  It’s the perfect spot to get ready in the morning.

As you can see, we moved a bunch our our Ohio stuff into this room.  The guest bedroom headboard is back (see how I made it here) as well as our bedding, the same silver bench, rug, and pillows. Downgrading from a king to a queen is a bit tough, but cozying up in our same bedding is nice.

This room has big sunny windows which are amazing, but also require some strategy for privacy.  I bought some cheapo blackout shades from Ikea which I absolutely love.  They block out so much street light.  They’re not cute, so I flanked the window with some heavy matelasse drapes.

The bed is positioned right in the center of the room to give space along the wall for Matt’s home office. This is where the other dressers come in.  We took an idea from our office in Ohio and bridged a long piece of pine across two dressers. We keep our clothes in the dressers and Matt also has a really great amount of desktop to do his nerd work.

It worked out that the larger bedroom was also the bedroom directly off of the living room.  We’re happy knowing that Maeve has a little extra separation between the TV and her sleep at night.

Well, you’ve now seen about half of the place!  I’ll pop back next week with Maeve’s room and we’ll finish with the kitchen and bath!

Tell me this, from what you’ve heard or seen of NYC apartments, how does this compare so far?

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