Buffalo Check Stocking Makeover

buffalo check christmas stocking

Ok. So, this isn’t a DIY, but just a little makeover trick that I’ve employed in the past to save some cash and wanted to share with you today.  I’ve talked at length about how and why I use a theme each Christmas, but part of the challenge for me is to do everything I can to use what I have before buying anything new. This year, I used our existing stockings and put a little B&W spin on them with the ol’ cuff trick.  What’s the ol’ cuff trick, you ask?  Well, I’m about to show you.


See my stockings below?  All beautifully embroidered with red (not part of the B&W) theme? That is easily changed with a placemat – a placemat in fact from the dollar bins at Target.



All I did was cut the placemat into three pieces, first by cutting off the bottom short-ways, then by cutting the remaining square in half vertically (so both pieces have one hemmed edge).

Then, just tuck the fabric over the top of the stocking and secure with safety pins.




Et voila! New stockings!  They look pretty and only I’ll know that they’re a total makeover.

What little tricks to you do around the holidays to re-use and save?

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