Building Up for Kitchen Storage

building cabinets up

We’re bring this kitchen redesign into the new year!  Although I wanted to be done with the entire thing by Christmas, we had a few set backs, which will naturally happen when you have a deadline.

If you recall, we’re building UP on top of the old cabinets to add more space since our kitchen storage is pretty measly.

We started by building out the frames and then we had to figure out how to get custom sized, glass insert doors made.  They had some at Ikea, but they didn’t come in the sizes needed.  To get them all custom made was going to cost in the neighborhood of $60/door (ridic).  So, of course, we went DIY.


I found a router table at Lowes for 50% off (ended up being about $80), so we combined it with a hand-me-down router and Matt created a few mock ups for me to review and decide if I thought this method would work.  After giving him the go-ahead on his methods, we created solid wood frames for each door.

I then painted the frames with the same 1/2 light black paint (cottage black from Lowes), 1/2 polyurethane mixture I’d used on the original cabinets.


After they were painted we got to work with the ‘glass’ inserts which aren’t really glass at all.  I’d considered using plexiglass, but after tabulating the expense, Matt suggested using some sort of rigid acrylic type sheeting.  After doing a bunch of research, I came up with the idea to use shelf liner plastic, which is shiny (like glass) on one side and matte on the other.  It’s pretty rigid, but can but cut with heavy duty scissors.  Plus, I got it for just about $2/sheet and each sheet did two cabinet doors.  That’s $1 per door, friends!


I fastened the liner to the door frames using an upholstery staple gun which worked rather well.

Keep in mind, these cabinets are a short term solution for the few years we have left in this house before we build our new house on the back of the property.  These aren’t meant to be super high quality, but they look amazing in person.  People are shocked they’re not glass.


And one last thing that I did (or I guess you can say I didn’t do).  I left the insides of the cabinets in the light gray color of the walls.  With all that black, we were worried the small kitchen would look super dark with full black cabinets, or even if we painted the insides of the uppers black.  So we left them gray.  At first, I was worried it would look strange, but I think with the smoked “glass” it doesn’t look weird at all.


Of course, the new hardware isn’t on yet, but that is going to be the next big step!  I can’ wait to showcase the glorious brass hardware we chose!

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