California (Closet) Dreaming

I’ve been scheming up dressing room and closet ideas for a while now.  I talked about this about a year ago in my house tour when I showed off the room that we have flanking our Master. If you were a fly on my wall, you’d hear this repetitive conversation between me and my husband, Matt, where he asks me for my plans and I ask him for some room measurements to work with.  This has been going back a forth for a little while now, and in my mind neither of us have really made a move because it’s hard to figure out where to start.

In my mind, I want a light, bright, airy space like above which isn’t too traditional of a walk in closet where my stuff can all be visible and beautifully styled.  I know that this isn’t really that practical.  Firstly because the space I’m working with is just about 10ft by 10ft and second because there is only one small little window (and no charming little fireplace).

So I did what any normal person would do and get to researching my options.  I snooped around at custom closets from California Closets, decided which features were a necessity and which were just a dream.  Although the spaces I’m drawn toward all have a different end look, I’m able to see which reoccurring elements I keep choosing over and over again.  It’s clear that organization is big, and while my dream of a totally custom, open concept might be beautiful in theory, my space is a bit small, and I need to look at some closet organization systems that work well with the space I’ve got, but still give me the flexibility to have the things that are important to us.

All in all, I think narrowing down the few things  know I want helps to give me the guidance I need to get started. Looking at the pieces as individuals – vanity, dressers and hanging, shoe organization – help me to visualize an end product.

It’s a big project, but I think I have a little clarity now and can maybe get those plans to Matt soon! Have you designed your own closet?  If so, where did you start and what tools helped you?

Photos: Apartment Therapy | Houzz | California Closets | Houzz | Houzz

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