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I don’t dip into fashion much here on House of Earnest, but by day, I do work in the fashion industry and I really got my feet wet in DIY with making my own clothing creations (you should ask my college roommate about the crazy stuff I used to make and wear!)  Although I may not share many outfit or clothing trends (except for on instagram!), I certainly love exploring creative new designs. I know there are so many of you who create and design out there, and Zuuz Style wants to see your style!

I was selected as one in a panel of judges to review and judge the last of three rounds of voting in Zuuz Styles’ The Young and the Talented fashion design competition. The good news is, you have the opportunity to enter! There are five categories for designs, and the winner from each category wins $500, so Hurry, because you must have all entries in by April 30th. More information here!

I’m super excited to see all of the entires, so if you’re a designer (jewelry and accessories too), go enter! I’ll wait right here for you.


Have a BEAUTIFUL Thursday!


P.S. Since I’m on the topic of fashion, next time you see me, ask me about the custom design I imposed upon the strap of my newest LV bag… the guy at the store almost DIED when he saw it.