Candlestick Floral Centerpiece

floral candlesticks

I had so much fun creating these little mini bundles of blooms that I currently have them sitting all around my house.  I love how sculptural and impactful a burst of color is coming out of a thin, tall candlestick.

I had been spotting candlestick floral arrangements in more formal events and have been pinning them here, here, and here, but I wanted to move on the idea to something a little more casual and suitable for our everyday lives.  I used a cluster of these guys in my Mother’s day tea, but one by the bedside, one in the bathroom and a couple on the table means your whole house can be filled with the freshness of flowers with just a few stems.

candlestick flower diptych


It seems so easy, but with the weight of these flowers’ heads, they’d all fall out of the candlestick if it weren’t for my one little trick. 

If you’ve received flowers from a florist, chances are, you’ve seen this trick in action.  Scotch tape works SO well to create a grid at the opening of the candlestick that it keeps all of the bits and pieces snug (as a bug in a rug).

floral candlestick workflow


ONE cut a two inch length of scotch tape into four vertical pieces creating very thin strips of tape.  TWO criss cross two pieces over the opening of your candlestick. THREE starting with a filler flower, criss cross two stems in opposite quadrants. FOUR in the opposite quadrants, stick two larger flowers, here I used a tulip and a spray rose.  FIVE add more filler where there are holes. SIX add greenery! I love how the large leaves add a good contrast and sculptural element to the arrangements!

I originally had another DIY for you today too, but to be quite honest, I just didn’t love how it turned out… it’s frustrating, but it’s no secret that I have blunders here and there that I don’t show… don’t we all?

Back to the flowers!  How do you feel about them?  Do you have some candlesticks at home you could try this out on?


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