Cane Chair Fabric Solve

Swiss dot fabric

So, I know I’ve been holding out on revealing the cane chair redo, but you know I had a fabric dilemma, right?  To recap, I polled you guys on what fabric I should use for my found cane chairs and a grey and black tribal type design won, but once I got the fabric in, I posted about how it was actually like a blue/grey which I didn’t think would match the gold I was planning to use on the chair frame.

So, I chose to use this giant flocked dot fabric from Mood, but it was sold out.  Roadblock after roadblock here.  I took a closer look at the giant flocked fabric and it reminded me of the yarn ties that I had on a quilt that used to cover my childhood bed.  I got to thinking that I could probably make this fabric, so that is just what I did.

pom fabric

Keep reading to see how I made this pom pom fabric to use on my cane chairs!  (finished photos soon!) 

Pom fabric tutorial

ONE wrap yarn around fore finger and middle finger in four loops.  TWO twist the bundle and fix to the canvas base fabric with thread.  THREE fluff out the loops of the bundle and tease to untwist the loops.  FOUR trim down the loops close to the surface of the fabric.

I just used very basic canvas fabric, thick, loose yarn, and thread to create this cute pom fabric.  It turned out super cute and although I wouldn’t use the pom fabric on a chair that experienced high traffic (like a dining room chair), for this accent chair which I”ll put in my entry, it will be really darling.

I like it almost as much as the original mood fabric, do you?

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