Chic Glass Lamp from a Vase

This is one of those ideas that really materialized over time. I remember seeing Christmas lights encased in different sorts of bottles thinking that the idea could be taken much further. Then it struck me one day in Target while looking at a vase that I thought would make a beautiful lamp base – why not?

This project literally took two steps, drilling two holes into the vase and installing the lamp kit.  Drilling the holes was much easier than you’d imagine, it just took a special diamond drill bit made for marble, tile, and glass.  You have to use water on the surface to keep it from overheating, put the drill on full speed, but go slowly (don’t push).

The lamp kit was all together in a little package at Lowes with everything I needed and instructions on how to assemble it.

What I love most about this project is that it was super low-cost ($12 for the vase at Home Goods and $9 for the lamp parts) and the possibilities are really endless. You could use any vessel of your choosing as long as it had a wide enough base to support the weight. I think I’m going to make my simple hurricane lamp a little partner for a chic pair.

Keep reading below for the full ‘how-to’ !


Step One: Drill the holes you need to fit the lamp adapter kit onto the vase.  I used a 1/2″ bit where the light socket was to go, and a 1/4″ bit at the side of the vase for the cord to exit.

Put the drill on high speed and slowly grind away a hole.  It will take a little bit of time, but don’t push into the glass.  Keep the area you’re drilling fully covered in water for the entire time you’re drilling. The water keeps the surface friction from overheating and cracking the glass.

Slow and steady wins the race here.

2. To put together the lamp kit, start with bolting the socket into the top hole.

Secure the socket with the locking washer and bolt that comes in the lamp kit.

3. String the lamp corn through the small hole on the bottom/side of the vase and up through the top of the socket.  You’ll have to remove the top barrel of the socket.

4. Wire the lamp  **disclaimer** I am not an electrical professional and am only sharing the way I personally handled this project.  If you do not have experience with electrical work, hire a professional or proceed at your own risk.  I also used this article for help.

There is one side of the cord which has a couple of ribs that run the entire length of the cord.  This is the neutral wire and it should connect to the neutral screw which is usually silver.  loosen the silver screw and curl the copper wire around the screw, then tighten the screw into place sandwiching the copper wire. Repeat this process with the other wire and the brass colored screw.  Replace the cardboard and brass casing and snuggle the socket barrel back into the base attached to the glass.

5. Screw in your bulb and attach your bulb adapter

**you can use a harp adapter too – you would need to add this in step 2, however.


The rest is up to you!  Whatever lamp shade and finial you choose will just make your lamp customized even further!  Have fun!


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