Christmas Forest Advent Calendar DIY

christmas tree forest advent calendar

Eek! Christmas prep is in full swing over here at EHC and I have been SO excited to share this advent calendar with you!  Can you believe that this is the FIRST advent calendar I have done on this blog?  That’s five years of blogging and not-a-one. Until now…

I got this idea because it’s easy to do and is such a pretty mantle arrangement as well, so it pulls double duty.  Keep on reading and get the easy tutorial for this Christmas forest advent calendar DIY! 



  • Assorted paper, paperboard, wrapping paper, or construction paper
  • Tape
  • Labels & home printer

diy advent calendar cute

You can draw whatever you’d like on plain paper, or use patterned wrapping paper.  I did both here! Wouldn’t it also be fun to let the kiddos draw on paper and then use that?  They’ll be even MORE excited about their daily advent treat if they’re involved in the making.  For me and Matt, however, I’ll just go ahead and decorate my own.

After you’ve decorated the paper, use a string to create an arch using a right angle (corner) as the center point.

black and white christmas advent calendar

scandinavian advent calendar

Then, cut around the curve and you’ll have a right triangle with one side rounded. Go ahead and roll into a cone, then tape together.

Fill the cones with any little candies or gifts that you’d like.  I used an assortment of chocolate, scratch-off lotto tickets, and fun little tid bits.

diy advent calendar


DSC_2725 DSC_2729

I just used really simple avery labels with numbers for the days of the advent, but really, I’ll probably go numberless in real life since there isn’t a particular order to my small gifts.

I hope you loved this easy and adorable little DIY!  Christmas is going to be beautiful this year, I can already tell!

p.s. I’m over on the Bali Blog today talking about 5 ways to AVOID stress this Thanksgiving!  Head over and leave a comment with your favorite tip as well! CLICK HERE

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