Classic yet Totally Cool West Village Home

ali cayne for domino 1

Happy hump day, friends!  Boy, do we have a treat today! Never in my life have I ever found a home that so wonderfully captures the exact esthetic that I look for. This home is the perfect combination of way cool and also true to the bones of a turn-of-the-century home. Living in a victorian home myself, it’s often hard to combine a typically ornate and feminine foundation with a minimal, modern, and slightly rustic feel.  Everything from the artwork to the textiles is perfection.

This home is owned by Ali Cayne and is my new standard for the decor in my home… I think you’ll agree even more after you see this kitchen… 


ali cayne for domino 2

ali cayne for domino 3

ali cayne for domino 4

ali cayne for domino 5

ali cayne for domino 6

Look at those grey cabinets!  The exposed shelving with brass brackets! The subway tile with dark grout! What is your favorite part?

For more photos, head over to the site of photographer, Brittany Ambridge.


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