Cocktail Ice Cubes

the cocktail cube

Some ideas are just kismet.  I was making fun ice cubes last week for myself so that I could feel like I was really participating in happy hour even with my virgin drinks.  I kept adding more and more to my giant creative cubes, then it just struck me… when added to something like my sparkling water, these just make a fun alcohol-free cocktail, BUT when added to a couple ounces of your favorite liquor, they make amazingly flavorful, non diluted, super icy cocktails.

If your warm weather happy hour drink is watered down 5 minutes in, this is the summery solution for you.  Plus, since you can make a bunch ahead of time, it’s a really cute idea for a party as well!

cocktail ice cubes

The ‘cocktail cubes’,  as I’m calling them are basically just every non-alcoholic portion of a cocktail, frozen together, here are the recipes!  They use a 2″ silicone ice cube tray.  Since the recipes have much more sugar than plan water, they don’t freeze as solid, which means they won’t take a year to melt in your drink (rather just 5 minutes or so).  So they really are perfect for cocktails!


Makes four 2″ cubes

Mix 6 oz lime juice and 6 oz mint infused simple syrup (recipe follows).  Put a few sprigs of mint and a slice of lime in each compartment, then fill with the liquid. Top with water if necessary.  When serving, mix two cubes with 1.5 oz rum and a couple ounces of club soda.

Mai Tai

Makes four 2″ cubes

Mix 10 oz pineapple juice, 4 oz orange juice, and 2 teaspoons grenadine. Put two maraschino cherries into each ice cube compartment, then fill with the liquid.  When serving, add two cocktail cubes to a mix of 1 oz coconut rum and 1 oz dark spiced rum. Garnish with a big slice of fresh pineapple.

Classic Marg

Makes four 2″ cubes

Mix 10 oz fresh lime juice with 2 oz orange juice and 4 oz simple syrup.  Put a lime slice in each ice cube compartment, then fill with the liquid.  When serving, add one cocktail cubes to 1 oz agave tequila, or two cubes to 2 oz tequila. Garnish with kosher salt and more lime.



The Mai Tai is a personal favorite of mine, I love eating the garnishes as much as I love the drink itself (I feel the same way about bloody mary’s!)

The recipes are made to be a little strong, we drink a fair amount of ‘on the rocks’  drinks at our house, (although not at the moment for me) so a slow melting mixer cube is the perfect amount of sweet!  Please feel free to alter the amount of liquor to suit your tastes.


Enjoy playing with these fun and creative twists on classic cocktails!

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