Coffee & Pregnancy


“Are you allowed to drink that?” A question I get when getting ready to put my mouth to my cup and take a sip of my beautiful morning brew.  People mean well, I know, but a little part of me gets a bit irritated and I want to say something sarcastic back about how this is way better than the raw oysters I ate last night!

Kidding, I didn’t eat the oysters.  Anyway, my point is that everyone has an opinion about what you should or shouldn’t eat during pregnancy.  I, however, have thrown all outside opinions out the window and done exactly as my doctor suggested.  So, I drink one cup of coffee each day.

If you’re anything like me, however, one cup is kind of like torture.  You zombie walk your way to your cup and devour it too soon and then, whoop, it’s gone.  So, I decided about a week ago, that if I am going to have just one cup, than that one cup is going to be awesome.

It’s going to be so perfect and delicious and I’ll savor every drop.  I immediately thought of the amazing coffee we had while in Hawaii and how I fell in love with the Kona brew. It’s bright, but earthy and rich. And I don’t want just any Kona blend I want whole bean, grind at home, 100% Kona goodness.

DSC_3789 DSC_3793

Also, so that I don’t have to agonize over a full pot when I can only have one cup, I went the small batch route with a Chemex.  Each morning I grind the beans, boil a little water (which goes so fast since it’s just a cup!) and pour it over those Hawaiian grounds. Heaven in a cup, I tell you.


It’s an indulgence, sure, but it’s also caused me to slow down a bit in the mornings.  I no longer grab a to-go mug, take it back up to my desk and sip while I surf.  This last week, I’ve been slowly watching the Chemex drip, then savoring my cup in my kitchen…with nothing else to do, watch, or eat, just enjoying the coffee and the total silence of the early morning that is going to change all too soon.

See, I told you in yesterday’s post that I had coffee on the brain!

Now tell me, is there any small thing that you indulge in so passionately?  Anything that were off limits during pregnancy that tortured you? (don’t get me started on the cheese).

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