Color Blocked Pins

With the back-to-school season looming, I always get in the mood for new supplies that will make my work more fun (than it already is, of course).

I had a little corkboard for some real life pinning and thought that my thumbtacks could use a pick-me up.  I bought some tiny wooden squares for just two bucks and used some of the pretty paint left over from my marbled paper party goods to dress up the tacks.

The process is super quick; paint one side with quick brush strokes from the center of the cube so that the paint doesn’t get on the sides.  Wait for the paint to dry, and repeat with a contrasting color on an adjacent side.  Use a very strong glue (I used this one) to adhere the cube to the top of a plain thumb tack.

It seems so silly, but I really love the pop of color on my board.  It’s almost like inspiration within the inspiration!

I hope you’ll be motivated to glue something fun to your plain jane tacks!  Share a photo with us on Facebook if you do!


An additional note!  My Sunkissed Ombre stripe pillow made the top finalists on the Design Sponge Scotch Blue Painters Tape Contest!  GO vote for it so that I can make it to the finals.

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