Color Blocked Tassel Napkins

neon tassel napkins

Happy Tuesday, guys!  I hope your morning is off to a great start!  Today (and everyday, really) I was looking for some fun new linen cocktail napkins since my old ones are a little weathered.  I thought with summer just around the corner, some bright party-ready style would be perfect, but struggled to find some with just the right bit of awesome without restrictive patterns.  I found some plain blue ones in my cupboard and thought it was the perfect opportunity to add some festive pizzazz to them instead of buying something new.

I bought the aqua blue napkins a while back but they always struck me as kind of boring, which is why they’d been shoved in the back of my bar, unused.  I brainstormed about ways to make them funky and cool for summer entertaining.

colorful party napkins

summer party napkins

All it took was a little bit of neon thread to pump these up into some seriously stylish party accessories. Tassels are super easy to make (although they do take a fair amount of thread) so hop on to see the full tutorial! 

how to make tassels 1

how to make tassels

how to make tassels 2

ONE cut a small piece of cardboard about two inches wide and wrap it with lots and lots of thread. I used about a half of a spool on each tassel.  TWO use a 12″ piece of thread to tie a knot right in the middle of the wound thread. THREE Cut the looped thread on the opposite side of the cardboard from your knot. FOUR use the tails of thread from your knot and wrap around the ‘neck’ of the tassel – about 1/2″ from the knotted top. FIVE sew two tassels to the corner of a linen cocktail napkin.

tassel napkins 1

Aren’t they adorable?  I want to have a party just so I can use them!  I suppose it is tequila Tuesday today (self-appointed), so that might be reason enough!



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