Comfort Works Navy Blue Sofa Cover Sneak Peek

navy blue sofa sneak peek

Something exciting happened this weekend!  No, I didn’t have a baby, I got my custom sofa cover in the mail from Comfort Works!  It hasn’t gone on the sofa yet because as you know, there are a lot of moving parts.  Firstly, I opted for a very custom fit cover that will fit tightly around every corner and won’t look at all like a slip cover.  Due to this, I am fixing some velcro tape to the underside of the sofa so that the cover will wrap around the bottom edge and not hang down.

Also, I mentioned this in The List Week 30 from a couple Friday’s ago, but I was really really nervous about how the sofa cover would work with the multi-colored rug that I bought for the room.  I am not a huge fan of lots of color, so the entire time I waited for the cover to be complete, I was having anxiety about the color combo we’d have going on in the room.  BUT I also knew that a cover for the couch was the best way to take a risk with color.  Our current sofa was a really great quality that was a large investment, the cost to cover was much lower than a new couch or an upholstery job.  And, I could always remove the cover to wash or just to change things up in the future.  Basically, I wasn’t tied into anything that couldn’t be undone.


So, of course as soon as the cover came in, I ran into the living room, pulled out the cover and looked at it next to the rug.  I am so relieved to say that I think the match is fabulous.  It ties back to my inspiration board very well and with the right art and accessories, will be perfection.

So, now, I need to get Matt’s help to schlepp up the pneumatic stapler and turn the couch upside down so that I can fix the velcro strips underneath and get this bad boy ON!  In the past, I would have done all of this myself and wouldn’t have even had to tease you all with just a photo like this, but in my current condition, schlepping air compressors and flipping furniture goes on the list of things I need help doing… ah, soon I’ll be fully functional again!

So, how do you feel about the color combo? Does it scare you or excite you?


Disclaimer:  After my initial interest in Comfort Works in the last post, they offered to work with me on this project and donate the cover for this project.  A huge thanks to them for being so amazing and a huge thanks to you guys for supporting the companies that make all of these posts possible.

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