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I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far and your Thursday is off to a bang! While I typically don’t post on Thursday, I wanted to pop in today and ask a super quick little favor of you!

As many of you know, I design home accessories and furniture for my shop as well as this blog.  In two years of the shops existence, Matt and I have used our money to personally fund this dream – buying everything from all of the product inventory to the packing materials and even financing the cost of going to trade shows to get our brand in front of shops around the country.

Bootstrapping a business works (we’re evidence!) but we’ve applied for a grant content so that we can put more infrastructure into place to grow properly… like moving all of the product to a warehouse (and out of OUR house), hiring for the positions I don’t do well (hello sales!) and bringing more brilliant designs to the shop for all of our fabulous customers (different sizes and colors of our Asta rug are on the docket!).

So, this grant is based on votes from our community, and you are MY community.  I don’t have a brick & mortar shop, I have you!

If you could spare a quick second (it’s literally a one-click operation) could you please help me get to the next phase in this contest by voting for me?  It would mean the world to me.  I need about 150 more votes by tonight to qualify!  Any help is so so appreciated (sharing via your social media is also hugely appreciated!)


Thank you all so much, I am so grateful to have an amazing community of support!