Cozy Sweater Gift Bag with Kahlúa

sweater upcycle gift bag

First, I have to say that I’m obsessed with this project.  I had to tell myself to stop taking photos of it because they were getting out of control.  Does anyone need 40 pictures of a sweater gift bag?  I didn’t think so.

Gifting a bottle of something tasty to a hostess is a good standby, but it’s easy to get lost in the pack of gifts arriving at the party if yours doesn’t stand out. Instead of wine, think about gifting a fun liqueur, like Kahlúa, and to include a few recipes along with it.  The reason I love giving recipes is because it gives your hostess some creative ideas and shows her that you put more thought into your gift than swinging by the liquor store on the way to her house.

kahlua recipe cards and gift bag

sweater bottle gift bag

In addition to the recipes, a beautiful and handmade gift bag highlights the specialness of what’s inside.  This darling sweater gift bag cost me $1.50 to make.  No kidding.  That’s cheaper than the paper ones at the store. Here’s the full how-to! 


  • Thrift store sweater – I went on a day when there was a 50% off deal. Plus, I totally lucked out on the design… I couldn’t have conjured up a better sweater.
  • Needle & Thread
  • Ribbon

upcycled sweater gift bag tutorial sweater wine bag

ONE cut off the sleeve of your sweater.  TWO using your needle and thread, sew large stitches around the rim of the cuff.  Then, tighten the thread so that the cuff cinches together and knot your thread.

kahlua gift bag step one bottle sweater giftbag tutorial

THREE with the tips of your scissors, snip little holes 1″ apart about 2″ below your cut edge. FOUR weave some ribbon through the holes.  FIVE once you’ve woven all around the sleeve, overlap the ribbon into the holes opposite and pull into the inside of the sleeve. SIX (below) roll down the cut edge of your sleeve twice so that the ribbons you just crossed over and pulled through are exposed. Slide a bottle into the bag, tighten the ribbon and make a bow!  Or you can leave it a little loose like I did.

kahlua holiday gift bag step 4 kahlua recipes

Next, print out some recipes and attach them to your bottle.  I included the Flying Mocha Grasshopper, the Snowball Fight, The Spiced Russian, and the Pumpkin Cider (all recipes HERE).  You can choose your own favorite recipes, or print mine out!  The recipes are HERE and HERE.  Then you can get real snazzy and have a custom label printed!  It’s all in the details!


upcycle sweater wine bag

kahlua holiday gift and recipe cards

Isn’t the whole package so cute together?  I feel like this would be something that I’d be happy to receive and that is pretty much how I gauge my gifts.   Enjoy!


Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Kahlúa.  Thank you guys so much for supporting the brands that help us bring you fresh content five days a week (and 10 times a week in December!)

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