Cranberry Star Champagne Cocktail

champagne cocktail

This week is the best week for drinking fun champagne cocktails and really relishing in the festivity of the season.  Today I’m sharing my absolute favorite champagne cocktail to serve during New Year’s celebrations and it’s my favorite for two reasons…

Number one: It’s easier than anything else you’ll make.

Number two: It still tastes like champagne.  I love the taste of champagne and cocktails that uses the fizz, but you loose the flavor are not my fave.

In this easy, but beautiful cocktail, all you do is freeze cranberry juice into ice cubes (preferably into pretty shapes like stars) and drop them into a glass of champagne.  Extra points for a little rosemary garnish!


Like the champagne, cranberry juice is also a little tart and a little sweet, so I think they go together quite well.


As the cranberry ice melts, the champagne becomes more and more saturated with the cranberry color and flavor… eventually turning your drink into the prettiest shade of pink. And who doesn’t like pink champagne?

You can get yourself a star mold and have it by new years eve if you order on Amazon today (what did we do before Amazon Prime?)

Have a holly jolly new year!

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