Creamy Gray Kitchen Paint Before + After

sheeps wool gray

Last week, we talked paint in this post and how hard it is to determine how you feel about a color right away.  I shared how I was a little torn on the new gray color in my kitchen, and I realized that the issue wasn’t the color I chose, it was the white trim surrounding our windows, doors, and baseboards.

before green kitchen after gray kitchen

The white trip literally hadn’t been repainted in the (almost) decade that we’ve lived in this house.  Although it had been cleaned (I promise!) it was just too worn and blended in with the new creamy gray.  Both Matt and I stood back, looked at the new color – Sheep’s Wool by Benjamin Moore in Aura Interior Eggshell finish – and loved it… except for how it looked against the grimy trim.

So, this weekend, we set off repainting all the wooden baseboards, decorative trim and windows and doors.  It was amazing what a difference it made. A crisp, clean high gloss white against the creamy, rich gray was absolute perfection.

On several occasions Matt walked through the room and just said, “wow, it’s almost like a different room!”.  I think that is a success.





So, I am so happy to declare that I LOVE the new color.  It’s exactly what I had in mind when I thought of a gray that was calm and clean, but with a hint of warmth.

It’s obviously a very small piece of the overall change that is in the plans, but a lot of you guys asked that I share a little more about the process and not just the full room before & afters. I felt like that was a great idea to show you guys not only the thoughts that go through a room transformation, but also that it doesn’t happen overnight.

Online, room makeovers usually look so quick, effortless, and dramatic.  It’s not that way, I promise.  So this makeover will be really chopped up so you can see each little change and then at the end, I’ll show one great big B&A picture.  How about that?

I hope you have a fabulous week!  See you tomorrow!

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