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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that it’s been a little over two years that I’ve been talking about renovating our master bedroom “closet”.  I would use air quotes on the word closet to display the sarcasm involved in the word, but we’re online here, so real quotes will do.

Old houses come with their character and other perks, but I won’t be surprising anyone when I say that ‘loads of storage’ isn’t on the list of things we love about our home. Even if your house isn’t over a century old, it’s not too often that I hear people say, “I just have too much storage space”… and that universal need for better storage is exactly why this project has been such a long time coming.  Keep on reading for some ugly before photos, the crazy configuration we have going on, and what we are doing about it. 

The overarching issue is that our space is at such a premium that we really need to be using it better than what we are.  Currently, our clothes are split.  Matt’s clothes are in the master bedroom closet, which is a small wall closet (shown below).  My clothes are in the office closet – which is a bit smaller than the master.

Since my clothes are in the office, where does that leave our office supplies and craft materials? In the guest room.  The guest room also houses our linens and bathroom storage (e.g. toilet paper, extra shampoo, and cosmetic overflow). Everything is just in the wrong spot.

For years, years, I’ve tried to pinpoint what our biggest issue is, and I really have come to the conclusion that it’s a domino effect.  Since my clothes aren’t in the master bedroom, it displaced everything.

My original plan was to keep the closet hidden behind that grey wall, just enlarging the opening to account for my things, but that still leaves an entire awkward room off our master that has no purpose. So, we went BIG.  I’m talking big.

As I mentioned in this post, We are turning the entire room into a walk-in closet. That’s right. A giant walk-in closet, vanity, and dressing room. This will help two things.  First, my clothes will come into the master, freeing up the office closet for office supplies. Second, the dressing room plans will have a vanity, which will move some of my make-up and hair out of the (only) bathroom and free up some of the bathroom space for toilet paper and people who have to shower.

Now, bathroom supplies will be in the bathroom, office supplies will go into the office, and the guest room can actually house normal things (or maybe it can house baby things when that time comes). But back to the renovation.  We’re taking down the wall that used to surround the old closet to create more space.


DSC_4148 DSC_4150

After this wall comes down, we’ll patch up the drywall, give the whole room (including the bedroom) a nice new coat of dark gray paint, then line the walls with a closet system from The Container Store, mixed in with some more unique decor touches.  I’m planning on some pretty upholstered pieces, DIY light fixtures, and a simple, but feminine vanity. 

I just started installing the clothes organization system last night and it’s looking good, but still far from done.  I’m excited to show you guys our new his & hers closet with a vanity.

I can’t wait to reveal more next Monday!

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