Creepy Halloween Candy Printables

I love labeling things.  I don’t think that comes as a surprise to those who know me, my labeler has been at my side since college and running out of label tape mid-print is among my biggest pet peeves (how about a warning?).  Anyway, when it comes to fun decorative labels for holiday candy, wine, or the like, I like to make my own.  Stuck on with double-sided tape, they’re easier to remove from a bottle than the sticker variety and don’t cost a mound for something so simple.

I whipped up these fun candy labels that fit perfectly on a little bottle and print out on plain paper (nothing complicated!).  I find that these bottles from Specialty bottle are the perfect size, but you could even use cleaned out pickle jars or jams jars.

Click here for the free printable labels!  They come in three varieties: Spider Fangs, for which I used candy corn; Goblin Eggs, which are yellow M&M’s; and Eye of Newt, not pictured, but for which I used some brown M&M’s. You don’t even have to buy multiple candies if you don’t wish, just purchase one bag of M&Ms and separate by color like I did! That’s easy enough?  Right?!

I hope you have a SWEET Thursday!


p.s. I’m also over on A Piece of Toast later today featured in Molly and Sally’s regular column ‘She Wishes She Was Wearing’ sharing a little about me and my fashion preferences! Check it out!


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