Dining Room Open Shelving Plans

dining room open shelving plans

We’re trucking right along with more renovation updates! You guys might remember that this room used to be the living room.  We created this build-in cabinet and thought that it might be a good spot for the TV. After the living room and dining room swapped places, I got to thinking about creating some shelving up the wall above the cabinets.  Floating shelves in the dining room is going to be a wonderful place to store and showcase all of my glassware, platters, and serving pieces.  I have so many pieces that are hidden away which need a home!

When doing a little research for the project, I came up with a few beautiful examples of shelving in dining rooms which really just put the idea into action for me.

becki ownens emilyaclark dining room lyndsay and fitzhugh summer home magnolia - fixer upper

Although most of these shelves are styled with books and art pieces, I’ll be styling mine with more of my entertaining and serving pieces, so I need my shelves to bit further apart to accommodate these pieces.  Here are my dining room open shelving plans:


new doc 25_1

I just want there to be two shelves at 22″ apart and 14″ deep.  Some larger vases and platters should fit nicely.

How do you all feel about the inspiration and the plan?


Photo Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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