Dining Room Progress Update: Chandy Change

dining room progress

Hey there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  Sorry I was MIA yesterday, I got home from a weekend away in Atlanta and literally just hit the bed as soon as I walked in the door.  Traveling in the third trimester really takes it out of you.  The luggage, the Ubers, the plane induced swelling… not to mention the Atlanta heat.  I basically just rolled myself into a feet up, eyes closed position immediately.

But onto more glamorous topics.  I am continuing the house updates this week with a progress post on our dining room.  If you’re catching up, you can see the original inspiration post here, then the totally torn apart photos here.

Similar to the progress we’ve made on the 3rd floor bonus space, the dining room has made a lot of progress in terms of renovations.  In this room so far we’ve:

  • Paneled the ceiling with 2″ grooved panel board (no more hole!!)
  • Painted the room (Silver Tradition by Behr)
  • Painted all the woodwork/trim
  • Built/Primed/Painted the frame of a built-in cabinet
  • Installed hand painted tile around the fireplace (posts about that here and here)
  • Installed Bali Blinds natural shades
  • New Carpet
  • Moved furniture back into the room


DSC_4051 DSC_4052

That’s a lot of painting, building, sawing, etc etc.  You can see that the bulk of the physical labor in this room is done although there is still quite a lot that I want to do from a design perspective.  I’ve been working with my friend Lacey from Green Door Design co. on the style direction for this space and here is what we still have to do:

  • Install a chandelier
  • Install new dimmer/wall plates
  • Finish/Paint/Attach built-in cabinet doors
  • Install shelving above cabinet
  • Decorate and style (accessory list below!)

I switched up chandeliers from the original inspiration post for a few reasons… mainly budget.  This mobile one saved me a few hundred dollars and the old one took special bulbs which we were unsure our electric would handle (turns out halogen bulbs require some heavier duty electric?!) Of course, with one little change, comes a little snowball of change – especially in an old house.  When we took down the ceiling fan to move it to the living room, we realized that the old switch that we’d used for the fan speeds wasn’t going to work as a dimmer (which I must have).  So, that led us to seeking out a new switch and dimmer solution.  We use the Adorne switches in the rest of our home, and Matt is incredibly high-tech and is always looking for wireless, app controlled ways to manage the electronics in our house.  Due to this, we are switching things up (literally) and going with a Wi-Fi ready dimming  system in the dining room and adjacent entry way and porch.  These are typically the lights we leave on when we’re out of town, so it makes sense to be able to control them via iPhone app.  We’re using the Adorne system for the WiFi lighting, so of course I had to pick out a new wall plate in a nice neutral greige color to go with my new dining room.

Another new change to the design is some open shelving above the built-in.  If you recall, this room was originally the living room and we were going to put the TV on the built in, but since we switched it to the dining room and since I LOVE the open shelving in my kitchen, now we can add shelves to this space.

dining room collage - update

No. 1  Tangerine Print by Alexandra Dzh No. 2 Fern Print from My Deer Art shop No. 3 Morocco wall hanging from Nordstrom No. 4 Bahia natural shades from Bali No. 5 Greige wall plate and wi-fi enabled dimmer from Adorne by Legrand No. 6 Wishbone Dining Chair from Overstock No. 7 Large Mobile Chandelier by West Elm No. 8 Geometric Modern Hanging Planter by Himmeli No. 9 Dip Dye Table Runner – sold out, so I might try a DIY No. 10 Ekeby Osten shelving from Ikea No. 11 Trestle Farmhouse Table from Joss & Main.

Ok, so we reviewed two things today! The progress of this room and the changes to the original design.  We’re moving slowly through all of this because (if you’ve been following along you’ll know) we are simultaneously renovating FOUR rooms – the living room, dining room, bonus room, and nursery.  It’s a lot! I keep moving the needle a little bit in a lot of directions.  I want so badly to finish all of this up soon so I can enjoy some relaxing time before baby Souder arrives!

See you guys back here tomorrow with a fun art DIY for the living room!

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