DIY Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

butcher block countertops update

Happy Monday!  Boy was it a jam-packed weekend! I think Matty was home for all of 5 waking hours this weekend and spent those helping me with the countertops.

I am really trying to get this whole project done before we have 15 guest converge upon our house for Friendsgiving in the first weekend of December, so we are really pushing it for time.

Luckily, these DIY butcher block kitchen countertops are pretty easy peasy.  It took us about 3 hours to get them completely measured, cut, and installed last night.

The big worry (in both my and in Matt’s mind) was going to be removing the old tile countertops. While we were getting ready to remove them, Matt said that he specifically remembered putting them on there very very well and saying to himself, “these suckers are never coming off!” (cue maniacal laugh).

I was pretty worried about how much time it would take, so I got started early on Sunday while Matt was across town working for a few hours.

I started by using a small little pryer/crow bar to crack the mortar around the total perimeter of the countertop. I wanted to be sure that once the old countertop was removed, it didn’t damage the subway tile, which I we’re keeping.


Then, I jammed the crowbar under the lip of the countertop, between the cupboard frame and pryed around the edges until the whole top was loose.  Then I wiggled and bent it a bunch and loosened the entire thing from the wall.

All in all, I only damaged ONE wall and it wasn’t even a wall that had countertops attached to it.  It was just a wall that I ran into with a piece of countertop as I was trying to maneuver it outside. Bummer.

IMG_9814 IMG_9818 IMG_9819

I found this little wasted space under the countertop in the sink pantry area and immediately thought that it would be a wonderful place to hide multiple identity passports or stacks of cash if I were to be in possession of those things.  I’ve clearly been watching too much Blacklist.

Regardless, by the time I had all of the old countertops removed and mortar scraped away, Matt returned and we proceeded with cutting the new butcher block.  I got them from Ikea for about $98/pc and we needed two 74″ x 25″ slabs.  So, $196 for new countertops?  Score!

butcher block coutertops diy butcher block countertops ikea

We got them screwed into place, but today I need to caulk around the edges and around the sink to seal them all off.  I didn’t get a photo of the sink side because there were dirty dishes in it! We had a late night and nobody was interested in cleaning dishes after a day full of demo and renovations.

I am SO happy with how it looks!  SO much better than the tile countertops that the ‘me’ of 8 years ago decided on.  I am kind of sad that the microwave will consume the majority of the countertop space in the main kitchen area, but microwaves are necessary…

Next up on the renovation list:

Open Shelving



We are almost down to the end!  This week, I”ll be removing the old hardware, filling the holes (since the new hardware isn’t the same size) and painting over the fill.  How exciting!

See you guys back here tomorrow with an adorable DIY place-setting idea for your holiday dinners!!

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