DIY Christmas Ornament Trio

diy christmas ornaments

Each year as my Christmas theme changes, I always make a few different types of DIY ornaments to layer onto the metallic and neutral base.  This really reinforces the christmas theme without a total overhaul each year which would be wasteful and expensive.  I love getting out my gold and silver glass ornaments that we bought early in our marriage and bring in the fun with some easy and inexpensive DIYs.  I find they go fairly well all working together.

This year, I’m adding a graphic touch with some message ornaments and a bold modern spin with color blocked wood ornaments.  See the process for each fun (and cheap!) DIY ornament below!


I don’t think any of these ornaments cost over $1, so it made for a super economical way to get the look I was after.

color blocked ornament duo

These classic shaped ornaments made of wood are perfect for a modern color blocking technique.  Just tape off half of the ornament and brush on the color of your choice.  Wood ornaments are in-store only from Michael’s.

Next, A plain black ornament (also from Michael’s) gets a whimsical treatment with a cheery christmas phrase and some laurel leaves all drawn on with a chalk marker.


noel sharpie ornament duo

Last, simple and plain white ceramic ornaments are no match for a sharpie!  I went with a minimal, but pretty ‘noel’ surrounded by a wreath.


three christmas ornament diys

I’m excited to go stick them on the tree and see how it looks all together!  I can’t wait to show you the full B&W christmas look in a couple of weeks when it’s all done!

See what a little DIY will get you?


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