DIY faux ceramic wine collar

Wine gets a bad rep for being boring as a hostess gift.  I, for one, will stand up for wine and say that I LOVE receiving it as a gift.  For those of your friends or family who really love wine and a unique bottle would make their day, go ahead with the wine, I say!

But… Make it special. Put a little thought into the presentation with the handmade faux ceramic ‘cheers’ tag for the bottle.  This one took about 5 minutes to make, then 30 minutes to bake (in an oven) so there is no excuse not to flourish the gift with a little trinket.

I know we all have plenty of parties headed our way over the next few weeks, so make a bunch of these in one sitting, then adorn away.

Keep reading for the full step-by-step instructions!


  • Xacto Knife
  • Oven Bake Clay
  • letter rubber stamps (like these)
  • stencil (you can print to your choice of size – I reduced to about 60%)

ONE break off about a tablespoon portion of the clay and work it into a piece large enough for your stencil. TWO cut around the stencil. THREE carefully cut small holes for your ribbon. FOUR stamp the word of your choice into the tag. FIVE bake according to package directions with the tag resting on a ball of foil to give it a curved shape.

String the tag with a pretty ribbon and tie it around the neck of your favorite wine.  Your friends will be extra happy that you went the extra step.


Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday out there, guys!

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